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Water System Services in Clearwater

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Our plumbers at Miracle Plumbing, LLC-a family owned and operated company serving Florida residents for over a decade-are experienced and knowledgeable. We have a reputation for excellent service and we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our services include repair, maintenance, and installation services for water systems including water treatment and purification systems.

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Do I Have Hard Water?

Hard water, as differentiated from soft water, means water with a high mineral content-typically in excess of three "grains per gallon" (GPG). This occurs when water is filtered through mineral deposits before it enters your water system. You can order a hard water test to find out if you have a hard water problem. A water treatment or purification issue can resolve this problem and help you clear your water of mineralization, making it safer and tastier to drink!

Signs You Have A Hard Water Problem In Your Home Include:

  • Soap scum lining your bathtubs and your sinks
  • Soap, shampoo, and detergent doesn't "foam" or lather up as easily, due to the reaction hard water minerals have with soap
  • Hair that feels dry or sticky after a shower
  • Rings in your bathtub
  • Spots on dishes or glass shower doors
  • Mineral buildup causing clogs in your pipe
  • Heightened utility bills caused by the increased effort your water heater has to expend due to mineral buildup
  • Skin problems including infections and dry skin
  • Clothes that never get white, or begin to appear dingy or yellow, or come out of the washer and dryer with soapy residue

Water Treatment & Purification Systems In Clearwater, FL

If you have hard water, speak with our Clearwater plumbing company. We have solutions! Hard water impacts your quality of life. It can damage your clothes, hair, skin, dishes, glasses, lawn, and landscaping while causing buildup in your pipes and water heater that leads to increased maintenance, decreased efficiency, and expensive energy bills. Worst of all, in some cases, hard water may even affect your health. If you have a hard water problem, it may be time to discuss water purification/treatment options with a trusted Clearwater plumber who can answer your questions and ensure that you have access to information about the best and most effective systems available to resolve your issue and provide you with an improved water supply.

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Our plumbers at Miracle Plumbing, LLC treats customers like friends. We are a family owned and operated business with a decade of experience. Our Clearwater water treatment system experts are always honest and upfront, and we don't just fix a problem and leave; we take time to explain the issue and the solution, and help you understand what to do in the future. If you are having issues with the temperature of your water, we also perform water heater repair and installation with both tank and tankless systems.

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